Datack applications

Datack has many different applications across every field of work. When using data that is time and/or location-related, Datack can be used immediately.

Datack intelligently uses data from the past, present and future. Datack uses data for detailed analysis, monitoring and predictions.

Traffic flows

Datack converts up-to-date traffic data into real-time information about journey times, queues and network overloads. There is an overview of how the flow of traffic is developing on the main and underlying road network. This can be seen both retrospectively and as a forecast. Datack provides real-time insight into the impact of both infrastructural and utilisation measures. Datack is also used to determine necessary infrastructural amendments.

Logistics flows

Datack processes real-time monitoring data from flows of goods. This makes transport efficiency levels immediately visible. Datack provides valuable information to enable logistics streams to be optimised.

Pedestrian flows

An overview of pedestrian flows is crucial in managing large groups of people at transport hubs and events. Datack processes location and time-related data from individuals. Sources include GPS and mobile telephone data, where available and anonymous. This provides valuable insights for the design of transport hubs, and crowd management at major events.

Water levels

Flood control stands or falls by data management systems. Data from, for example, weather forecasts, precipitation records and water level measurements is processed. This data is combined quickly and intelligently to predict water levels in real time. Datack provides information to support water management and prevent floods.