Advantages of Datack

1. Combines different types of data in a single visualisation

DATACK effortlessly combines a broad range of data within a single visualisation. Linking different types of data makes relations visible. This might be traffic flows, weather conditions or incidents on the road, or water levels and shipping movements. The visual display lets you see immediately what data is available for which locations at what time.

2. User-friendly, accessible and always up-to-date

Datack is easy to use. As a web-based service, DATACK is accessible anytime and anywhere. Management is very easy – changes to the infrastructure and measurement locations are automatically integrated.

3. Low use of space

The visual presentation of the data stream requires only a small amount of space. This is a factor of about one thousand less than conventional data handling methods. No data-heavy databases; instead, immediate processing of all the data into a single digital image